CDM Co-ordinator

The introduction of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007 replaced the previous 1994 regulations and introduced the role of the “CDM Co-ordinator”.

The CDM 2007 Regulations impose certain duties on all parties who have an involvement with any construction project within the UK to ensure health and safety is considered throughout all stages of a project.

For all non-domestic construction projects likely to involve more than 30 days or 500 person days of work, the client has a duty to appoint a suitably competent person to perform the role of the CDM Co-ordinator.

CSN Consulting LLP have acted as CDM Co-ordinator for a wide range of projects including, demolition, refurbishment and new build schemes. As CDM Co-ordinators we provide advice and assistance to clients to ensure suitable co-ordinated arrangements are implemented while planning and preparing for the construction phase. Other duties also include notifying the Health and Safety Executive, ensuring the relevant information is provided to all parties, ensuring all designers comply with their duties under the Act and also to ensure co-operation between the Principal Contractor and all Designers during any onsite changes.

As CDM Co-ordinator we are also responsible for collecting information about the project which is likely to be relevant during the future use and maintenance of the building. This information is provided to the building user in the form of the Health and Safety File.

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