Building Surveys

The purchase of any property involves considerable outlay, and an accurate knowledge of the structural and general condition of the premises is central to any decision to purchase.

Our Practice carries out Building Surveys on all types of property, from the small Terraced House to imposing Historic Buildings, Factories, Offices and Industrial Buildings.  Defects, or potential defects, are carefully examined and the cost of putting them right assessed.

The quality of past maintenance and the need for future maintenance has to be considered and items needing urgent attention identified.

Once the various defects are identified and costed they can be taken into account in relation to the proposed purchase or rental.

Often considerable savings can be made on the actual purchase or lease and a Client also made aware of future problems.

Specific defect reports can be prepared in response to a clients concerns or upon any issues raised in the course of a bank or building society mortgage valuation. Detailed advice will be provided in regard to the area of concern including recommendations for any further investigations, appropriate remedial works and costs. Where appropriate clients will be advised if any insurable peril is present.

We also routinely prepare detailed “snagging” lists for clients purchasing new build property.

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